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                              9070 (7060) environmentally friendly sand blasting machine

                              1. 詳細信息

                              Performance characteristics

                              The design is novel, the structure is reasonable, the operation is convenient, and the processing performance is superior;

                              The blasting speed is fast and the impact point is deep;

                              The self-pressure tank part adopts the newly developed exhaust valve setting, which removes the faults that are common in the domestic common press machine, and particularly reduces the damage of the exhaust solenoid valve;

                              It is equipped with exhaust and dust separation series and meets environmental protection requirements.

                              Practical range:

                              It is suitable for rapid sand blasting of a large number of small and medium-sized general workpieces and high hardness workpieces. Such as: degreased castings, heat treatment parts, engine parts, valves, stone and so on.


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