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                              Canvas sandblasted protective clothing

                              1. 詳細信息

                              Blasting suit features

                              Sandblasting suits are an indispensable protective tool in sandblasting work. There are many ways to name sandblasting suits. Sandblasting suits are also called sandblasting suits and sanding suits. The blasting suit has been modified to have a unique design. The hood and the top are connected to each other to resist sand impact. The mask provides a wide window and special airflow design to prevent window fogging, protect the entire body from sand dust, light weight and comfortable to wear. Safety and other characteristics, the sandblasting suit with a gas pipe pagoda joint behind, simple and practical.

                              The temperature regulating tube uses the compressed air behind the filter as the energy source, and the breathing air can be obtained at the exiting point by the handle to obtain the moderate temperature and comfortable feeling. The outlet temperature is up to 40 ° C and the lowest temperature is 10 ° C. The helmet is a spherical double-layer helmet that passes through the filter and temperature-regulated air, is silenced by the helmet, and is evenly dispersed into the interior of the helmet, giving the worker a sense of hygiene, safety and comfort, and a wide view, resulting in a good Working environment conditions. It has obvious effects on reducing occupational diseases of workers such as sand blasting, spraying, mining, etc., and protecting the health of workers. It fills the gap of China's thermostat protective mask.

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