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                              Electronic ceramic sheet spray aluminum (spray copper) special equipment

                              1. 詳細信息

                              Electronic ceramic sheet aluminum spraying [copper spraying) special equipment is mainly used for: PTC ceramic heating parts, metal film capacitors and varistor zinc oxide sheets, etc.

                              Like the end of the industry, spraying zinc, aluminum and copper to replace the silver process has played an important role in improving product quality and saving costs. Sprayer

                              The machine has novel design, small floor space, emphasis on environmental protection, energy saving, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Due to the different objects being sprayed on the unit,

                              This equipment can be sprayed in various forms according to user needs.


                              ◆ The workpiece to be sprayed is continuously conveyed and stepped in the conveying form.

                              ◆ The components after spraying are returned to the original place.

                              ◆ The width and speed of the spray gun on the conveyor belt.

                              ◆ Conveyor belt moving speed and adjustment range.

                              ◆ The degree of equipment automation.

                              ◆ Two or three shots or two metal wires.

                              Note: According to the needs of customers, we can order more than one spray gun and fully automatic production line operation.


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