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                            A transformer factory in Foshan exports German transformer parts zinc spray

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                            A transformer factory in Foshan exports German transformer parts zinc spray

                            Arc spraying is a technique in which a metal is melted by an arc that is burned between two continuously fed wires, a molten metal is atomized by a high velocity gas stream, and atomized metal particles are accelerated to spray them toward the workpiece to form a coating. Arc spraying is one of the most commonly used thermal spraying methods in practical applications such as steel structure corrosion protection, wear resistance and mechanical parts maintenance. The arc spraying system is generally composed of a dedicated power source for spraying, a control device, an arc spray gun, a wire feeder, and a compressed air supply system.


                            Double line feed is highly efficient. The arc temperature reaches 5000~5500 °C, the particle velocity is as high as 200~300 m/s, and the spray bonding strength is high. The spray material is cooled during the flight deposition process. The heat impact of the spray construction on the substrate is small, and the substrate heating temperature does not exceed 200 °C. The substrate does not undergo deformation and performance changes, and the spray quality is stable. Arc spraying is the most energy-efficient method of thermal spraying, and its utilization rate can reach 70%, so the cost is low.

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