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                            What is the use of the singing mask of the aluminum spray machine?

                            UpdateTime  2018-09-22 16:04:27 Foshan kozhe machinery manufacturing co. LTD Read

                            In many modern industries, the noise value of many industries far exceeds national standards. Aluminum sprayers are widely used in the ceramics industry, but as a device with high noise value, it has become the culprit leading to occupational noise deafness. One of the culprits. So, what is the function of the sound insulation cover of the aluminum spray machine?

                            If the noise of the aluminum sprayer is not timely, it will be extremely damaging to the physical and mental health of the factory employees. For the aluminum sprayer, an acoustic enclosure can be installed, and the aluminum sprayer can be equipped with a soundproof room to control. Hanks is in Wenzhou. The sound and noise reduction measures adopted in the noise reduction project of the aluminum spray unit of Yikun Electric Co., Ltd. have proved to be very effective by practice. There are many advantages in using the sound insulation cover to control the noise of the aluminum spray machine. Because the aluminum spray machine is small in size, the sound insulation cover is used to control less materials, less investment, simple measures, and there are numerous practical cases in various industrial equipment. Is an effective noise control solution.

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