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                            Arc spray definition

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                            In the industry, arc sprayers are widely used. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the knowledge about arc spraying.

                            Arc spraying is a technique that uses an electric arc that is burned between two continuously fed wires to melt the metal, atomizes the molten metal with a high velocity gas stream, and accelerates the atomized metal particles to spray them onto the workpiece to form a coating. . Arc spraying is one of the most commonly used thermal spraying methods in practical applications such as steel structure corrosion protection, wear resistance and mechanical parts maintenance. The arc spraying system is generally composed of a dedicated power source for spraying, a control device, an arc spray gun, a wire feeder, and a compressed air supply system.

                            There are different forms such as powder, thread, belt and rod. Their composition is metal, alloy, ceramic, cermet and plastic. Powder materials play an important role in more than 100 kinds. Wire and strip are mostly metal or alloy (composite wire still contains ceramic or plastic); there are only a dozen bars, mostly oxide ceramics. The arc spraying materials are generally wire materials such as zinc wire, aluminum wire, aluminum alloy wire (Ac aluminum, AS aluminum), copper wire, etc. The powder material is mainly used for flame spraying.

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