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                            Wind power rotor robot arc spray zinc installation test completed

                            UpdateTime  2018-09-22 16:09:32 Foshan kozhe machinery manufacturing co. LTD Read

                            Scope of application:

                            The sprayer is upgraded to a spray robot based on a 6-axis universal robot. Can be used for metal, wind power, electronic components, steel structures, etc.

                            product description:

                            1, using robotic arc spraying, has the advantages of precision, flexibility, and intelligent integration. Moreover, using robotic arc spraying, we can perform detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making on the robot during the spraying process, so that we can increase production, improve quality, reduce costs, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution. This is also the highest level of industrial automation.

                            2, the manual operation is far from meeting the requirements of the automation equipment, while the technical professional painting robot has the technical characteristics of fine manufacturing, fine processing and flexible production. It is a comprehensive extension of people after the power machinery and computer. The new generation of physical and intellectual production tools is an important means of achieving digital, automated, networked and intelligent production.

                            3, the application of robots in the production process of automated complete sets of equipment is relatively extensive, can be applied to manufacturing, installation, testing, logistics and other production links, and is widely used in automotive vehicles and auto parts, engineering machinery, rail transit, Low-voltage electrical appliances, electric power, IC equipment, military, tobacco, finance, medicine, metallurgy, printing and publishing, and many other industries, the application field is very extensive.

                            4, using robotic arc spraying, robot technology is comprehensive, and also has a complete set of automation technology, centralized and integrated a number of disciplines, involving a variety of technical areas, including industrial robot control technology, robot dynamics and simulation, robot construction is limited Advanced manufacturing techniques such as meta-analysis, laser processing technology, modular programming, intelligent measurement, modeling and processing integration, factory automation and fine logistics are highly integrated.


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