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                            Iron pan spray metal magnetically conductive coating

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                            Iron pot arc spray metal magnetically conductive coating

                            The arc spraying technology uses a special power source to cause the arc of the charged corrosion-resistant metal wire to melt. In 1/1000-1/10000 seconds, the high-temperature droplets of the molten metal are blown, atomized and sprayed by the compressed air. The surface of the steel component of sand blasting and derusting forms a mechanical-metallurgical combined spray coating with high purity and strong bonding force, which has cathodic protection for the active steel matrix. Then, a special sealing agent with corrosion inhibition effect is uniformly applied on the sprayed layer, which not only further insulates the corrosive medium from eroding the base steel, but also increases the interface resistance between the arc sprayed metal layer and the closed coating layer, and the corrosion resistance is greatly enhanced. .

                            The anti-corrosion principle of arc spray anti-corrosion coating is a combination of mechanical shielding and cathodic protection. When the coating is damaged and the corrosive medium is present, the metal spray coating can sacrifice itself to protect the steel substrate from corrosion;

                            2. Outstanding characteristics of long-term anti-corrosion technology for arc spray

                            (1) Long anti-corrosion life: According to different corrosive environments and specific workpiece characteristics, through the reasonable coating design, the current anti-corrosion coating system of arc spraying long-lasting anti-corrosion coating system has a corrosion life of more than 50 years, which is a heavy anti-corrosion paint. - 5 times, 2-3 times of hot dip galvanizing, 2-3 times of FRP coating. Therefore, the arc spraying anti-corrosion technology has increased the service life of steel structural parts from 10 to 15 years to more than half a century.

                            (2) The bonding force with the metal matrix is high: the arc sprayed layer and the substrate are combined by mechanical thermal setting and micrometallurgy, and the coating exhibits a high bonding force, which is three times that of the flame spraying, which greatly exceeds the national standard. It has the highest bonding strength in all anti-corrosion coatings.

                            (3) High production efficiency: Compared with the oxygen-acetylene flame spraying, the arc spraying long-term anti-corrosion technology is the double-wire feeding of the arc spraying, and the single-machine production efficiency is improved by 3-4 times.

                            (4) Good coating quality: arc welding heating wire method is arc heating, wire melting temperature is high, melting is uniform, coating is dense, coating quality is stable, no effect on workpiece thermal stress, and oxygen-acetylene flame spraying is The flame is heated, the melting temperature of the wire is low, and there are hidden dangers such as oxidation and carbonization, which affect the coating quality.

                            (5) Strong repairability: During the processing, lifting, transportation and installation of steel structural parts, the coating is easily damaged and scratched, and the arc spraying technology can be repaired to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the anti-corrosion system; Anti-corrosion technologies such as hot-dip galvanizing and FRP cannot be repaired by themselves, and can only be repaired by spraying or other methods, which will inevitably increase equipment investment.

                            (6) Good universal adaptability: arc spraying technology can choose corresponding corrosion resistant materials according to different corrosive environments, and the process system has universal adaptability; hot dip zinc can only prepare zinc coating, for complex corrosive environment, single zinc coating The layers are often difficult to adapt, so the hot dip zinc anti-corrosion method is less adaptable.


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